A hilly start

Lying awake at night and really struggling to get out of bed in the morning have become part of my life these last few months, and this morning was no exception. After a very poor quality sleep, the sound of my alarm ringing confused me; it took a while to remember what is was, and, more importantly, why I had set it. It was, of course, Saturday. parkrun day. Since I became unwell, getting up on a Saturday for parkrun has only evaded me twice; there have been two Saturday mornings when I simply could not get out of bed. Otherwise, it has been my only routine. I have forced myself to stick to it.

Today I headed for a new parkrun; well, it was new to me. I had heard from friends that Gainsborough parkrun is on the challenging side, so as the weather wasn’t really conducive to a PB on a flatter course, I thought I’d give it a go. Warming up, I thought I had found the hilliest part of the course, but no, I was in for a surprise once we started. The three lap course begins and finishes partway up the steepest hill, so by the time I’d worked my way round the rest of the mud, grass and hills on the first lap, the angle of the tarmac ahead did not fill me with joy. The cheerful volunteers at the finish chute assured me laps two and three would be easier; hmmmmmm. They weren’t. Let’s just say I was pleased to see the finish line, and even more pleased with my finishing position. When there are only 29 runners, it had to be a good one. If you are ever nearby, give this little parkrun some support. It’s a hilly gem and well worth getting out of bed for!

Ups and downs

Welcome to ‘Mud, miles and more’, a blog to tell a tale of love for trail running and how it is helping me recover from a recent breakdown in my mental health. Miles run through the mud may not be a cure, but they are certainly proving to be a very effective medicine on my journey to being well again. Read and enjoy as I share my ups and downs along the way!